Mother and Child



What does a shooting cost? How old should my child be? Will I get make-up? Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions!


What my customers say!

Mirela Bibic
"I was allowed to do a parent-child shooting with my children. It was a fairy tale shooting. I had already phoned Julia before and it just fitted. She is soo nice and reacted really great when my 4 year old son had no more interest in being photographed. He was then allowed to take a picture of mummy and to be the photographer. I was more than enthusiastic about the result. And surprised by the short editing time."
Steffi Kassner

"As a beginner and unphotogenic being ;) I was in best hands. Even before the shooting, the planning was great and Julia really puts her heart into finding a location and the right clothes/make up. The morning was really nice with a touch of adventure - whether water, wind or climbing trees :D The results are amazing and just as desired. I will certainly repeat it."

Nadine Zinram

"This was the third shooting with Julia and there have been again so many "wow" moments that we just didn't want to finish the shooting. My daughter now is so relaxed and so enthusiastic about being photographed that I think that Julia actually has magical power, because she is very fond of children. And the results are always awesome :)"

Olga Wolf

"The pictures are very nice and whimsical ? just as I imagined and the shooting itself was great. Julia interacted very well with my son, that was great ? Merci for that."


Who is this fairy tale photographer?

My name is Julia and I have never made a spectacular stratospheric jump and have never kayaked across the Pacific. I've never met a really famous person. Instead, I have met some very impressive personalities among my clients.

What I believe

I firmly believe that every human being is photogenic, that there is a child slumbering in every human being and that every child deserves to be what it desires once in a lifetime! So let's go kayaking across the Pacific and discover your world!