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  Fantasy and
Fairy Tales

Unique family photos for busy families

I help busy women to preserve all the special memories of your precious time as a family or couple. These unique family images make your home a warm and cozy place. Your family shooting will take place in a relaxed, stress-free atmosphere - I promise!

Who is this fairy tale photographer?

My name is Julia and I have never made a spectacular stratospheric jump and have never kayaked across the Pacific. I've never met a really famous person. Instead, I have met some very impressive personalities among my clients.

What I believe

I firmly believe that every human being is photogenic, that there is a child slumbering in every human being and that every child deserves to be what it desires once in a lifetime! So let's go kayaking across the Pacific and discover your world!


I am the right photographer for you if...

I’m going to be completely honest with you so that I don’t waste your time.
It’s important that you hire the best photographer for your needs and 
I’m NOT the right photographer for everyone.
So let’s work out if we’re going to be a good fit for each other:


I am a good fit for

  • women who love to do nice things with family and friends
  • women who want to get very special pictures, but no run-of-the-mine works
  • women who are looking for great wall-art for a beautiful, stylish, cozy home to be proud of


This is just a small taste of what’s on offer inside my photoshoots. If this is the kind of stuff that gets you excited and motivated to take action then you’re a good fit - check it out!

But if, after hearing all of this, you still think that these very special pictures and the very different experience won't get you excited – then booking one of my shootings is NOT a good idea =)


I'm a NOT the right photographer for you if

  • you are only looking for a quick shoot, 
  • you are only interested in a few digital images


What my customers say!

Reann P.

"[...] I instantly fell in love with Julia's style once looking at her business page. I knew I had to book a session for my two kids. Julia is fantastic to work with, she has a stash of outfits/costumes to use during sessions and honestly that took so much stress out of the planning on my part. I didn't have to worry about a thing! She was a natural with children too, so patient, friendly, and nurturing. My children both quickly felt at ease while she captured some amazing photos for us! I should mention specifically she got my 16 month old to cooperate and my 14 year old to really smile, not an easy task. I highly recommend using her for all your photography needs."



Vannessa S.

"Julia is super sweet and you can only like her =) [...] She was absolutely patient with me and my daughter (everyone who has ever done a shooting with a baby knows what I mean) Sometimes I even forgot that I was being photographed =) Anytime again and !absolutely! worth every penny"



Lisa und Jannic B.

"My fiancé and I wanted to get our first professional pictures from Julia. We wanted them to be something special and also to be used for our wedding invitations. Julia has managed in a unique and entertaining way to show our personality on the pictures and to capture us as the couple we are! We had a lot of fun fooling around and cuddling and the pictures have become wonderful!"


Sabine H.

"Our son had taken Julia into his heart from the very beginning and the contact was just as warm in the preliminary stages and the shooting at the end. A fairy tale photographer in every respect"!


Alexander H.

"I had the pleasure of staging my steampunk pirate costume, which I had lovingly put together, with Mirrora. She [...] had a great idea for a location: a largely abandoned freight station. Mirrora took all the time we needed and I didn't have the feeling [...] that I was being pushed or not getting my wishes in any way. Nevertheless, I was not only on my ideas and wishes, but was well supported with motive suggestions and posing."


Diana A.

"It was a great experience to be photographed by Julia. I liked her very much during the preliminary meeting and the shooting was a lot of fun. There were no moments in which I would have felt uncomfortable. And the pictures speak for themselves - they have become beautiful! Very clear recommendation if you are looking for "fantastic" pictures."


Armanda F.

"I wanted to have a sister shooting for my daughters. My youngest daughter Leni didn't want to shoot at first and I thought, we won't get any got picture. But Julia managed to inspire Leni playfully and we got some wonderful photos. [...] I can only thank you for the great photos and for the great day!"


Mirela Bibic
"I was allowed to do a parent-child shooting with my children. It was a fairy tale shooting. I had already phoned Julia before and it just fitted. She is soo nice and reacted really great when my 4 year old son had no more interest in being photographed. He was then allowed to take a picture of mummy and to be the photographer. I was more than enthusiastic about the result. And surprised by the short editing time."
Steffi Kassner

"As a beginner and unphotogenic being ;) I was in best hands. Even before the shooting, the planning was great and Julia really puts her heart into finding a location and the right clothes/make up. The morning was really nice with a touch of adventure - whether water, wind or climbing trees :D The results are amazing and just as desired. I will certainly repeat it."

Nadine Zinram

"This was the third shooting with Julia and there have been again so many "wow" moments that we just didn't want to finish the shooting. My daughter now is so relaxed and so enthusiastic about being photographed that I think that Julia actually has magical power, because she is very fond of children. And the results are always awesome :)"

Olga Wolf

"The pictures are very nice and whimsical ? just as I imagined and the shooting itself was great. Julia interacted very well with my son, that was great ? Merci for that."