What kind of shoots do you offer?

I am a family photographer for picturesque and fairytale pictures. As a family photographer I accompany families from the first time as a couple, through the first pregnancy and the first child, through the first fairy tale dreams, to the children’s growing up.

What does “picuresque” mean?

My pictures are captured in the camera. These raw images are processed in a way that makes them look like paintings. Pictures are meant to keep memories of very special times alive and should therefore always find a place in your home. The picturesque style is particularly suitable for this.

Where are we going to take the pictures?

The photo shootings will take place in Mainz and the surrounding area. Since I am also in Bad Hersfeld 1-2x per month, I also offer photo shootings there. If I am too far away from you, there is the possibility to book the shooting incl. travel costs (0,99€ per km one way). If you also know two other families from your area who book a shooting with me, you don’t have to pay the travel costs.

Why do you only offer photo shoots outside?

It is particularly important to me that the photo shoot is not just a recording of pictures. I want my clients to have a wonderful experience which the pictures remind them of. When you hold the pictures in your hands, you can smell the grass you were standing in and hear the birds singing.
A shooting in the studio can’t offer you all that.

What are we going to do if it is raining?

If there is a little drizzle at the day of the shoot it will take place anyway. We will then have umbrellas which we will insert into the picture in a very suitable way=)
If it is pouring out of cans, we postpone the shooting – of course without extra charge for you =)

What should we wear?

As you can see from my picturesque style, my customers usually wear clothes that really match. Many of these clothes are from my own collection, from which you can also borrow pieces free of charge. I will be happy to help you with your choice!

When will we get the pictures?

I always try to finish the pictures as soon as possible. You will receive them after tree weeks at the latest. Should it take longer for any reason, I will of course discuss it with you.

Can I get unedited images or raw files?

It is a special concern of mine to offer my customers only high quality work. For this reason you get only edited pictures. =)

Bilddderfoliobox3Fotos in Passepartouts FolioBox weiss mit weissem Kartonkern Matte auf weichem Karton kaschiert Produkt für Profi-Fotografen Neugeboren


When should a maternity shoot be done?

Very simple: as soon as your baby belly shows. Of course, this is different for every woman and every pregnancy. The best time for your baby belly shoot is between the 32nd and 38th week.

When should I book a maternity shoot?

Right now!
I can only offer a certain number of photo shoots per month and mostly there is a waiting time of 2-3 months until the next free date.

I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy…

During pregnancy your body change. And that is how it should be! There is a little miracle growing in there! Some mothers-to-be do not feel as comfortable in their shoes during the last weeks before birth.
Don’t worry if this is the case!
I will take pictures that will only show your most beautiful sides.

Breastfeeding pictures

When should breastfeeding pictures be done?

As long as you’re breast-feeding.
Breastfeeding shoots can be done directly after the birth of your child, but also later.

Do I have to let my child be hungry before the shooting?

You don’t have to let your kid starve before the shoot.
Just try to breastfeed your child a little less in the 2 hours before the shooting.

What if my baby doesn’t want to be breastfeeded at the shoot?

Should your child be satisfied during the shooting or doesn’t want to drink for other reasons, this is no problem.
We will then take beautiful mother-child pictures with a lot of cuddling and hugging.

Fotograf Bad Hersfeld KinderfotosBad Hersfeld Baby Fotograf FotosBad Hersfeld Fotograf Baby Fotos

Our children are very lively…

That is not a problem at all – on the contrary. The most wonderful pictures are created especially with lively children. Since my photo shoots take place only outside, the children can really let off steam and play. Neither you nor your children have to live up to any expectations. They don’t have to behave and quiet. Just be what you are as a family.

Can we bring our own ideas into the shoot?

The pictures are meant to be a memory of your time as a family. Therefore you may not only bring your own ideas with you, you actually should =) If you have interesting hobbies – maybe your daughter plays an instrument, or you like to sing together, or your children have a favourite cuddly toy – bring everything!