Fairy tale storybooks


'In the fifteenth year of her age the princess shall prick herself with a spindle and shall fall down dead!'

For centuries fairy tales have been told and passed down. They are not really for entertainment, but to pass on knowledge about life and the human being. Fairy tales contain symbols that are even used in therapeutic treatment today. The roses in the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty, for example, stand for love, unity and perfection. So fairy tales should above all help us in our lives and guide us.


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What could be more beautiful than a fairy tale book for your child?
And not just with any princess, any prince, but with your child as the main character..




 Which fairy tales are available?


Fairy Princess

A long time ago fairy people lived in the forest. The fairies were very cheerful companions who always had an eye on nature. When they dance at night, they glow. When the fairy princess was out one night, the fairy people were kidnapped and she set out in search of them.

Moon Princess

A long time ago a beautiful gentle girl, the daughter of the moon goddess, lived in a village. She was the healer of her village and had a mirror with which she could heal people. One night the soul mirror was stolen and the moon princess desperately made her way to find it.