What could be more enjoyable than having your own fairy tale book for your child?
And not just with some princess or some prince, but with your child as the main character.

Princess of time

Once upon a time, a wise and lively princess lived in a castle in the sky. Her only friend was an hourglass which helped her changing time. One day, the princess made her way to Earth, for she wanted to travel the world and get to know her kingdom.

Fairy Princess

A long long time ago, fairy people lived in the forest. The fairies were very cheerful people who always had an eye on nature. When they danced at night, they glew and sometimes showed a lost people the way home. When the fairy princess was travelling one night, the fairy people were kidnapped and she set out to search for them.


A long long time ago a beautiful gentle girl, the daughter of the moon goddess, lived in a village. She was the healer of her village and had a mirror with helped her heal people from emotional wounds. One night the soul mirror was stolen and the moon princess desperately set out to find it.

Fotograf Hersfeld Maerchen

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